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He was nearly percent right each time. Colin and I still read The Daily Light at our dinner table each evening. At one stage, while on the mission field, Mr. Beard got cancer. He read the Word of God out loud daily-- and he was healed. His body was revived and made anew by the living Word of God! The tears pour down his face and his chest heaves with weeping.

He feels his soul dissolving and dropping away. It is the poetical way to express weeping.


Oh dear one, are you going through a time of grieving? Are you overcome with sorrow? Do you feel your soul dropping away because your heart is broken? Even in his anguish, the psalmist knows there is an answer. He knows its power to strengthen his soul and his emotions. Dear grieving one, get down on your knees and open the Word of God.

Ask God to speak into your heart. His Word has the power to strengthen your heart.

According to Your Word

Claim His promises. Start speaking them out loud. They will restore your soul.

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They will strengthen your innermost soul and emotions. God not only has the power to strengthen you physically, but to strengthen you inwardly. His strengthening Word will even put a song in your heart. Read these verses - Psalm ; ; ; ; ; Ephesians They are plenteous. They are abundant. But they are according to the Word. His everlasting mercies line up with His everlasting Word. Mercy and truth are twins.

The Word is filled with precious promises, but most are preceded by a commandment. When we obey His commandments we will receive the bountiful mercies of the Lord. It is through the mercies of the Lord and the living Word of God that we are saved from sin and born again. He wants many sons in the likeness of His Son.

The more we allow the Word to dwell in our hearts, the more we will be transformed into the way God wants us to think and live. We will resist our humanistic reasonings and allow God to fill our minds with His life-changing thoughts that He has given us in His Word. But now I keep your word. It pricks our nest. It is uncomfortable. But who wants to stay the same for the rest of their lives? How boring. God loves us too much to leave us in our shallow, sinful state. He wants to take us on to victory. He wants to lift us up to the overcoming life.

Sermon: “Let It Be with Me According to Your Word” (Luke 1:26-38)

He wants to transform our thinking into His thinking. He was going to be a ruler and his father and brothers would bow down to him.

Wow, this was pretty exciting. His brothers who were supposed to serve him turned against him. They would have killed him except for the intervention of his brother, Judah. Instead they banished him from their sight and sold him off to merchantmen on their way to Egypt. He was torn away from his beloved father, his family, his country and everything familiar. Down in Egypt things went from bad to worse. Even when he sought to do the right thing, it turned against him and he was doomed to a dungeon. In His perfect timing, He delivers Joseph from the prison.

Joseph miraculously becomes second-in-command to the Pharaoh of Egypt. Have you received a Word from God? Yet everything is turning out the opposite! God does not work in your time. He works in His time. He sees the future. You can count on Him that He is working everything out for your good! His whole purpose is to do a good work in you.

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  • Oh how we need understanding each moment of the day. Proverbs tells us that it is by wisdom and understanding that we build and establish our homes. What is the middle letter of the word, truth? It is U, which stands for understanding.

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    Understanding is the heart of truth. There is worldly understanding and there is godly understanding and they can be poles apart. I am always challenged by the Scripture Romans How can we receive understanding from the Word? By asking God. Open my eyes to behold wondrous things in your law. By digging. You need to get below the surface to hear the heart of God.

    You have to think about it, meditate upon and chew it over and over. I love to check out the Hebrew and Greek words. I use a wonderful Bible, which helps me to do this. I read the King James translation but also like to check other translations that often give further understanding. There is one thing that is very important to remember.

    The truth of a particular subject is not found in one Scripture.