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Copyright laws which protect Crochet Hooks You patterns ensures that the owner of these patterns can only decide who may copy or distribute these patterns. Thank you. I taught myself how to crochet when I was a young girl and quickly picked up how to crochet the granny square and got hooked. Read More. Excellent web site. Plenty of useful information here.

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And naturally, thanks for your effort! Is there a video tut for making this I have trouble reading the patterns but the videos make it very easy? The scarf looks divine — cant wait to try it. Materials Required 5 x 10 gram balls of cotton thread size 10 3. Rows Repeat Row 2. Row 6: Repeat Row 3. Row 9: Repeat Row 3.

Row Repeat Row 3. Though the journey seemed exciting to young Bathsheba, once they were in Missouri the Biglers found that bands of angry men frequently gathered around their wagons. The Biglers stayed only a short time in Missouri. In February they departed with thousands of other Saints for Illinois. Bathsheba gave up her seat on the wagon to those who were sick, and she walked most of the way. Once in Illinois, the Biglers stayed in Quincy. Bathsheba and her father both became ill with malaria.

Download e-book Glen Oaks Lacy Scarf

She recovered, but to her great sorrow her father died. In , the family moved to Nauvoo. On July 11, , George A. Smith, who was now serving as the youngest member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, returned from a mission to England. He and Bathsheba married 14 days later.


Bathsheba had grown up in a beautiful home where she learned the art of southern hospitality from her mother, who had come from a well-to-do family. After her marriage, Bathsheba set up housekeeping five different times that first year in dwellings that were shabby compared to her childhood home. Nevertheless, the newlyweds knelt by their bed and dedicated themselves to God and thanked Him for bringing them together after being separated so long. Eventually George built a comfortable, two-story home. He and Bathsheba were so anxious to move in before the birth of their first child that they set up their bed in an unfinished room.

Twelve days later, on July 7, , their son George Jr.

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Two months later, George Sr. It hangs back of my bed and is the last thing I see and the first in the morning. Oh, it is such a comfort to me. After the Martyrdom, the Apostles, including George, returned to Nauvoo.

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On August 14, , Bathsheba gave birth to their daughter, Bathsheba. Again the Saints knew they would need to leave their homes.

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They worked frantically to complete the Nauvoo Temple. From December to February , Bathsheba served as a temple worker while thousands of Saints received their endowments. The Mississippi froze over so that hundreds of families crossed over on the ice. On March 11, , her mother died. Three weeks later, on April 4, Bathsheba gave birth to a son, John, who lived only four hours. George and Bathsheba followed a different course. Bathsheba remained in Winter Quarters to help others while George traveled back and forth to the Salt Lake Valley helping Saints migrate west. Two years later, it was finally time for George to lead his family west.

She carpeted the floor, put four chairs in the center in which to ride, and hung a looking glass, candlestick, and pincushion. After months of traveling, including a hour snowstorm and a cattle stampede, the Smiths arrived in the Salt Lake Valley. By the time Julina was seven, she lived with her aunt but went daily to see her mother. Maxine Green Velvet Maxi Dress. Khal Olive Bodycon Dress.

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Khal Mauve Bodycon Dress. Khal Black Bodycon Dress. Half Thought Black Sweater Dress. Half Thought Grey Sweater Dress.

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