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Give it a try. Nothing's holding you back. Enter your email. Loading interface Build your recipe repertoire The Scratch UI Kit has all you need to build a recipe book that would make your Grandma jealous. Scratch includes: 0 Artboard sizes. Salivation awaits Find inspiration for your next dinner party with assets designed to help you browse, collect, edit, and share mouth-watering meals.

An organized component sheet for quick styling Scratch comes with an easy to edit component sheet to make sweeping changes across the kit, truly making it your own.

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However, you won't be able to share your projects on the Scratch community website because doing so goes against the Scratch terms of use. Take in account that this compatibility doesn't work both ways, so you won't be able to open an S4A project from within the original Scratch. Using a PicoBoard along with an Arduino board is also supported.

S4A interacts with Arduino by sending the actuator states and receiving sensor states every 75 ms, therefore the pulse width needs to be greater than this time period. The data exchange follows the PicoBoard protocol and needs a specific program firmware to be installed in the board. Please refer to the Downloads section for further instructions on how to do so. These materials were created and used by our team in an actual S4A course at the Elisava School of Design Barcelona in Here you'll find basic S4A examples, complete with the Arduino schematics and an.

Some of the following demos are in Catalan or Spanish, but the images pretty much speak for themselves. Some of the videos have English subtitles as well. A robot with a rotative camera, distance sensors and a remote control. This video serves as an introduction for the S4A workshops given at Citilab , but you'll find a couple of demos of what can be achieved with our software. You can download it here or by scanning the QR code below:. The Android application uses a very simple protocol we developed on top of the Scratch HTTP message protocol, so it is also possible to interact to S4A from a browser or any other network enabled application.

You will first need to enable the remote sensors option in S4A right click on any "Sensors" block. S4A works in the three major consumer operating systems. Download and install the one that fits your configuration:.

  1. The Girls Book of Secrets: Shhh... Dont Tell! (Buster Books);
  2. The Sixth Commandment (The Commandment Series).
  3. The Future of Healthcare: Global Trends Worth Watching (Executive Essentials).

This firmware is a piece of software you need to install into your Arduino board to be able to communicate with it from S4A. If you are a Microsoft Windows user, you may need to install the Arduino drivers into your computer:. S4A is free software distributed under an MIT license. Since Scratch is actually a Squeak Smalltalk image, all of its code is actually shipped with the final user version itself. You're now in front of a classic Squeak 2.

However, in the final user version some code has been compiled and you'll be missing several variable and message argument names, which is why we are also providing you with a clean source code image for developers, downloadable here:. Since our VPS provider may sometimes be down, we've set up an alternative location for all files, including old versions:.

In fact, our "firmware" is just like any other Arduino sketch, so there is no risk at all. Of course, you can upload other sketches to the board and then upload the S4A firmware again when needed. There is currently no way to compile code into Arduino binaries. It must be said that S4A was conceived as an improvement of the older versions of Scratch the ones that were developed in Smalltalk , to make learning how to program real-world objects easier to everyone, specially to children, by dealing with these real objects in the same way they'd deal with Scratch "normal objects", so they can interact between them.

In other words, it was not made to program the board directly, but to help learn programming and electronics at the same time. Still, if what you want is to just get rid of the USB cable, we recommend you use a wireless device like XBee. Unfortunately, no. Pin configuration is hardcoded both in the firmware and in the source code of S4A, and the way S4A is made does not allow to change source code "on the fly". So, until we find a better way or enhance the communication protocol between the board and the program, the only way to customize the pinout is by changing both S4A source code and the firmware.

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B2 [ I or T ] to cut or damage a surface or your skin slightly with or on something sharp or rough :. We scratched the wall trying to get the bed into Martha's room.


Be careful not to scratch your self on the roses. B2 [ T ] If you scratch something on or off a surface , you add it or remove it by scratching:. People have been scratching their names on this rock for years. I scratched some paint off the door as I was getting out of the car. The dog's scratching at the door - he wants to be let in. B2 [ I or T ] to rub your skin with your nails :.

He was scratching at his mosquito bites.

Hannah scratched her head thoughtfully. The top of the desk was badly scratched. The car's paintwork has been scratched. Paintwork on the corner of a stairway tends to get scratched.

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I accidentally scratched her with my long nails. I scraped the car against a post and scratched the paintwork. Cutting and stabbing.

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  • You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Animal non-human behaviour. Scratching and rubbing. The world champion scratched from the metres after injuring herself the day before. They scratched the horse from the race because she had become lame. Removing and extracting. We had to scratch our plans when I lost my job.

    Synonym cancel. Cancelling and interrupting. Idioms scratch your head. Phrasal verb scratch around for sth.