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Variation 1, a larghetto in common-time, divides the theme between tenor and treble on a trumpet stop, maintaining quaver counterpoint above or below it. Variation 4 has the theme staccato in the pedals, beneath piquant manual chords. Variation 6 is an ingeniously strict trio, presenting the theme in canon at the fourth and fifth. Variation 7 is another vivace, but one that bristles with appoggiaturas. Variation 8 presents the theme, cantabile, in canon at the second, between the pedals and Voix Humaine in the treble. Variation 10 is a fugato which presents the theme in diminution and augmentation before leading into a toccata.

Here the theme roars in the pedals, first in the minor, then in the major, beneath a carillon of clashing chords. He refers in his memoirs to the evening of 8 December when, at a recital he was giving in the Wanamaker Auditorium in Philadelphia, he was offered several liturgical themes on which to improvise— Iesu redemptor omnium , Adeste fideles , Stabat mater dolorosa and Adoro te devote.

This improvisation became the basis of his Symphonie-Passion , Op 23, which he began to compose on his return to France. When semiquaver movement is introduced, the theme is repeated in G with the pedals doubling the melody. On its return to B minor the theme is accompanied by an anapaestic rhythm. Its principal theme is hammered out at the start under bare fifths. A feature of the movement, and indeed of the entire work, is the chromatic alteration of various degrees of the scale. The resultant augmented intervals give an almost oriental twist to some of the melodic shapes.

The music bristles with such difficulties as passages in thirds, for feet as well as fingers, and four-note pedal chords. The original inauguration had been by Widor on 17 April The main theme which follows returns rondo-like several times, alternating with reminiscences of the two previous movements. Les Trois Esquisses , op.

En , il acheva Le tombeau de Titelouze, seize Chorals sur des Hymnes liturgiques , op. Le Choral et Fugue , op. En souvenir du centenaire du Grand Orgue.

Dans les mouvements suivants, les variations contrapuntiques alternent avec des variations plus libres. Tel fut le fondement de sa Symphonie-Passion , op. Ce sera superbe! Darunter schreitet das Hauptthema im Pedal voran. Zu einer Pianissimo-Begleitung tritt eine gesangvolle Melodie in Erscheinung. Die eigentliche zweite Esquisse , als Nr. Die eigentliche dritte Esquisse , als Nr. Choral et Fugue, op. In der ersten Variation, ein Larghetto im Viervierteltakt, ist das Thema auf die Tenor- und Oberstimme in einem Trompetenregister verteilt, wobei jeweils darunter bzw.

Die siebte Variation ist wiederum ein Vivace, das jedoch vor Appoggiaturen nur so strotzt. In der achten Variation erscheint das Thema cantabile und in einem Sekundkanon im Pedal, wobei in der Oberstimme die Voix Humaine erklingt. In seinen Memoiren erinnert er sich an den Abend des 8. Man bot ihm einige liturgische Themen zur Improvisation: Iesu redemptor omnium , Adeste fideles , Stabat mater dolorosa und Adoro te devote.

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Role: Classical Composer. Album Title. Catalogue No. Work Category. Instrumental, Concerto Adagio 2. Archguitar Baroque. Busoni for piano Mamikonian. Labadie Les Violons du Roy, Labadie. Martin in the Fields, Sillito. Albrecht 6-CD Box Set.

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